Arzu Pınar Demirel, Regional Voice Lead at IMPACT2030, Founder of Headline Diversity

IMPACT2030 has launching Impact Council in Turkey

When companies join forces and use the skills, expertise and creativity of their people as a force for good, they can change the world.

Anchored by Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) No. 17, Partnerships for the Goals, IMPACT2030 was created with the belief that corporations are a key part in addressing needs in our changing world. United Nations is the founding stakeholder of IMPACT2030 which has the unique mission to activate the private sector’s most important resource—its people— to advance the global goals. More than 5 million employees of the partner companies volunteer to transform their communities for a better future, empower women and girls, reduce inequalities, and realize the global goals.

The key to change is collaboration and focus

The global goals are an ambitious plan of action. It is a big challenge and requires a change to solve the unsolvable problems we are facing today. The problems like ending poverty or reducing climate change are too big for any one organization or sector. Are they big enough for all humanity, for all of us, if we come together? The key to change is collaboration. With cross-industry, and cross-sector collaboration through collective action we can drive meaningful and measurable impact.

To establish collaboration IMPACT2030 has launching Regional Impact Councils in key geographies like USA, Canada, UAE, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and with more coming soon! Regional Impact Councils bring together the business community, UN, government, academia, and non-profits around an orienting SDG. The Council of Canada chose SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth as the orienting goal. Impact Council members and volunteers will work together for indigenous people in Canada. The Council of Australia’s orienting goal is 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities. They will focus on homeless people. We will talk about the most important problems in Turkey and choose our orienting goal. Our road map to move the riddle from conversation to action:

1- Activating a network of committed companies and their employees to transform our world through pro-bono, skills-based and direct employee volunteer programs.

2- Coming together, join the forces and focus on one regional issue

3- Measuring the impact of human capital investments on the SDGs​.

Diversity as a foundation for success

We would like to invite your organization to Turkey Impact Council, if you share our belief in the power of volunteering, people, collaboration, collective action, and the new possibilities portrayed with global goals. Together we can achieve more, share key learnings and insights, grow, and most important solve a problem that impacts people’s lives in Turkey. The value and benefits of joining the Impact Council:

  • Purpose: Allow your volunteers to see their efforts as connected and a part of something bigger under the umbrella of the SDGs and IMPACT2030.
  • Diversity: Diversity of volunteers from companies and shareholders will help to gain new perspectives and network. Coming together with people from different groups will drive inclusion and empathy which are core competencies for today’s leaders.
  • Growth: Share and gain knowledge in the Council. Learn what is needed and significant, instead of wasting time doing things of less impact. Benchmark globally best practices in SDG led corporate volunteering.
  • Impact: Be active, innovate and lead the way. Amplify your current impact by collaborating with other corporates. Be a part of mapping and measuring the collective impact. Show your impact.

Please contact turkeycouncil@impact2030.com if your corporation is interested in joining Turkey Impact Council.

Arzu Pınar Demirel
Regional Voice Lead at IMPACT2030
Founder of Headline Diversity